You have one life and many stories… Which one are you reading?

Listening to a podcast the other day, James Clear was being interviewed. The author of Atomic Habits, James was sharing his thoughts on habits and mindset. Having read the book, most of what he shared was very familiar, until he mentioned this exercise. I did it, and it changed the story I've been telling myself. [...]

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Using The Question “Why?” to Light Up Your Goals

Too often, there's a disconnect between the goals we want and why we really want to achieve them. Until we connect the dots between our WHAT and our WHY, we'll always struggle to finish what we start. Barriers will appear in our way, challenges will materialize, and boredom will set in. Our goals will all [...]

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Keeping Your Dreams Alive: A Powerful Lesson in Execution

"Dreams die in execution." - Jocko  Think about that for a moment. Turning a dream into a reality is often challenging and, for many, rarely successful. Starting can be easy, especially when we're excited and fired up about our goal, but what happens when we've left the starting gate and are on mile thirteen of [...]

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Living Life By A Code: Exploring Bushido, the Eight Samurai Virtues

What code do you live by?  When I ask that, you may think that you don’t have a code that guides how you show up each day. I would argue that you probably do have a code that guides your life, but you’ve probably never slowed down long enough to think about it. Like breathing, [...]

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Success Leaves Clues: Learning From Others to Achieve Your Best in 2023

It's been said before that "Success leaves clues."  As I was preparing for the beginning of this new year and thinking about the person I want to be in 2023, I reflected on this concept. If you study the successes of others, you can learn from their experiences and apply their techniques and approaches to [...]

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What The Secret and The Law of Attraction Didn’t Tell You

For the last couple of decades, there’s been all kinds of chatter about the movie The Secret and the Law of Attraction. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll find posts and articles like: Learn the Law of Attraction in 5 Easy Steps! How to Manifest What You Want Using the Law of Attraction Unlocking [...]

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