Stop Going 100 MPH in the Wrong Direction

In our fast-paced world, the desire to achieve our goals and experience personal growth often pushes us to move at breakneck speeds. We're told to go full throttle, hustle relentlessly, and chase our dreams with unrelenting determination. But what happens when that unwavering pursuit takes us 100 mph in the wrong direction? If you've ever [...]

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Play to Your Strengths and Quit Trying to Strengthen Your Weaknesses

I grew up collecting cards. Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards. As a kid, my mom would walk me to the local card shop, and I would spend hours looking at all the best cards in the glass cases. I'd spend my allowance on packs of cards, hoping to find one of my favorite players. [...]

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The Real Tick-Tock: Changing Your Relationship With Time

A few weeks ago, my twins turned seventeen. Like every other birthday, I got up early and decorated the house with streamers and balloons. Then, I made a Starbucks run, grabbed their favorite drinks, and we snuck in a quick breakfast at home before they left to go to school. When everyone was gone, and [...]

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The “Do Nothing” Challenge: Tapping Back Into Imagination

We’re all busy. Our calendars are all packed. We’re all trying to check the boxes on our to-do lists, which are ruled by tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. What needs to get done, and the most recent fire that has flared up, always takes priority. Frankly, there’s no margin time built in where we can do, [...]

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Live the Kind of Life You’d Want to Autograph

“How would someone extraordinary do this?” Over the last few months, I’ve asked myself that question in as many situations as possible. Walking past a wrapper on the floor… what would someone extraordinary do? In my marriage, how would an extraordinary partner show up? Working with clients, how can I make their experience extraordinary? How [...]

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The Mini Misogi: Making Your Life Memorable One Month At A Time

I’ve written extensively about Jesse Itzler’s Misogi Challenge and how I’ve woven it into my life over the past few years. For those unfamiliar, here’s a quick overview of Itzler’s Misogi Challenge…  Every year, do one thing that is so challenging that you’ll remember it for the next 364 days. It needs to scare you, [...]

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You have one life and many stories… Which one are you reading?

Listening to a podcast the other day, James Clear was being interviewed. The author of Atomic Habits, James was sharing his thoughts on habits and mindset. Having read the book, most of what he shared was very familiar, until he mentioned this exercise. I did it, and it changed the story I've been telling myself. [...]

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Using The Question “Why?” to Light Up Your Goals

Too often, there's a disconnect between the goals we want and why we really want to achieve them. Until we connect the dots between our WHAT and our WHY, we'll always struggle to finish what we start. Barriers will appear in our way, challenges will materialize, and boredom will set in. Our goals will all [...]

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