Every week, I end up having powerful conversations with leaders just like you that guide me to new insights, challenge my thinking, and elevate my mindset. 

Here are three highlights from the past week…

  1. Show up each morning with relentless focus. Ask yourself this simple question, “What 2-3 things need to get done today?” Our time and resources are limited, and keeping that in mind, we need to focus on what is actually driving results.
  2. Job-hopping is a trend, but does it need to be? It can feel like staying in the same company or business too long means you’re missing opportunities. As leaders, what if we reframed that, creating cultures that are so good that employees believe leaving would be a missed opportunity? It takes work, for sure, but there’s no reason to give into this job-hopping movement.
  3. Take out the head trash. Be careful of those moments where you catch yourself focusing on worst-case scenarios, what other people think, and comparison. None of these serve you well, and often, they’re the reason you are missing opportunities.

BONUS: Resist the tyranny of the urgent. Charles Hummel wrote about this in his book Tyranny of the Urgent, where he unpacked the tension between things that feel urgent and what’s truly important. There’s a difference between the two, and working to ensure the important holds our attention is key.

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