Listening to a podcast today, I caught Lewis Howes and Adam Grant sharing a conversation on mindset. One of the ideas I took away from their discussion is this… If I SAY I value something, but where I’m spending my time and energy doesn’t reflect that value, it’s probably not true. 

Actions speak louder than words. 

Here’s an example. If I say that I value my health and then skip workouts, eat junk, and neglect my sleep – then I really don’t value it. If I did, I would be aggressive in protecting my workout time, intentional about consuming the best nutrition, and designing a life for myself that allows time to rest.

The other way to look at this is through the lens of pressure. When what we say we value gets tested, how do we show up? For example, character is something that I count as one of my core values. It’s made up of things like loyalty, trust, and honesty. With that in mind, how do I react when my character gets tested? Do I hold fast, bend, or cave? 

Again, actions speak louder than words. 

Take five minutes and review your past week. How did you spend your time? Compare your calendar to your core values. Where do you land? 

Think about those instances where the things you say you value got tested. When the pressure built, how did you show up?

For me, my core values include faith, family, character, positivity, and generosity. With those in mind, it’s easy to do a five-minute assessment of whether my actions aligned with my words. This week, as I walk through this quickly in my head, I did pretty well. That’s not the case every week – and so this simple exercise is a great way to recalibrate my actions and sharpen my values on a regular basis. I hope you find it valuable as well! 

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