“How would someone extraordinary do this?” Over the last few months, I’ve asked myself that question in as many situations as possible. Walking past a wrapper on the floor… what would someone extraordinary do? In my marriage, how would an extraordinary partner show up? Working with clients, how can I make their experience extraordinary? How would an extraordinary person react when driving down the freeway and getting cut off?

This first question has led me to a second question… one that is tied closely together…

Is the life I am living today one I would be proud to autograph? If I had to sign my name to the life I’m living right now, how would I feel about that?

There have been times in my life when that question would have made me shudder. No, I wouldn’t want to sign my name to how I am living today. 

  • I just yelled at my spouse.
  • I got busy with work and ignored my kids.
  • I pounded a sleeve of cookies.
  • I chose to get angry at someone while I was driving.
  • I wasted precious time.
  • I half-a’d a project just to get it done.
  • I was selfish with my time and energy.
  • I hit snooze and skipped the gym.
  • I didn’t care about the details.

Those examples might land for you, or you have a list of your own. We’re all been there. So how do you change that? How do you start living an extraordinary life, the kind you’d want to sign your name to?

Start asking yourself, “How would someone extraordinary do this?” 

  • They would stay calm in a fight.
  • They would prioritize their kids over work.
  • They would exercise some discipline with the cookies.
  • They would resist the urge to react on the freeway.
  • They would quit scrolling and make the most of every minute.
  • They would give 100% to their projects, even when they didn’t feel like it.
  • They would be generous with their time and energy.
  • They would get out of bed and show up at the gym.
  • They would pay attention to the details.

That’s extraordinary.

Living an extraordinary life begins with how we do the small things. Extraordinary people do the small things well – and small things done repeatedly stack up to become a life you’d be excited to autograph on your last day.

To be clear, I’m not saying live this out perfectly. It’s not possible. What I am saying is this… If you allow yourself to coast, not noticing how you show up throughout your day, you will live life on cruise control. So, yes, give yourself some grace as you go. And at the same time, become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and hold yourself accountable to the person you’re trying to become… someone extraordinary.

The Takeaway

Catch yourself and ask, “How would someone extraordinary do this?” Do that multiple times each day, and develop your own personal awareness around how you do the small things. Then, start changing how you do those small things, and you’ll be well on your way to a life worth your autograph.

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