It’s time to take inventory of your 2021 and start preparing to achieve what you want in 2022. Here’s why investing some time to look back at your 2021 snapshots is so important to your results in the new year…

My mom owns a bookstore, and every December, she shuts it down for a few days to take year-end inventory. It’s a tedious endeavor for her team that involves counting every piece of merchandise, on the shelves and in her backstock. The process provides accurate data on what’s driving growth and what needs to be offloaded, and helps her create her projections for the year to come. As time-consuming as it is, this year-end inventory positions her for success over the next twelve months. 

Elite athletes understand the value of taking inventory as well. There’s a reason Kobe Bryant invested so much time watching his past performances on film between games and during the off-season. The great ones pay attention to how they’ve shown up in the past – as much attention as they invest into their physical training and nutrition. They understand that achieving peak performance in the new season begins with unpacking last season’s work and results. 

You and I may not be elite athletes or own bookstores, but taking inventory of our past year is no less important. It’s what sets us up for success.

Here’s a reality check… I know we’re all busy, and I know how easy it can be to skip this step and launch right into setting your 2022 goals. It’s tempting – I get it. What I’ve learned, though, is that there’s massive value in slowing down to reflect. Setting aside some time to look back on where we’ve been and how the past year played out is the only way to set meaningful goals for the year to come. 

I’m not asking any of us to dwell on the past. Not even close. As I’ve shared before, the past has passed and it does not define our future possibilities or successes. That said, the past does provide valuable lessons we can use to make our future better. Taking inventory is a simple way to look for those lessons and use them to create a stronger new year.

With that in mind, here’s my 2021 Snapshot tool. I use this every December to unpack where I’ve been over the past year. Each of the questions has been strategically designed to help me to challenge myself, get a little uncomfortable, and think hard about the last twelve months. Today, I’m excited to share the 2021 version with you, including some brand new questions.


Print out your 2021 Snapshot tool and set some time aside with yourself over the next few days to dig deep. Then, keep an eye out for my 2022 Goal Setting tool. It will help you take your Snapshot and turn it into strategic, meaningful goals for the new year. Don’t miss it! Subscribe here and you’ll get an email in a few days when the new version of that tool releases.

The Takeaway

Reflecting back is the only way to make the most of our forward momentum. Invest this time into yourself, and let’s all make sure we’re prepared to set some tangible, meaningful goals in 2022. I’ll be in touch soon with my 2022 Goal Setting tool… Til then, enjoy looking back on 2021.

Make it a great day! – John

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