Three Wins: Ruthless Clarity, Add Value, and Listening to Your Body

Every week, I end up having powerful conversations with leaders just like you that guide me to new insights, challenge my thinking, and elevate my mindset.  Here are three highlights from the past week… Get ruthlessly clear about what you want, and use that clarity to set up guardrails for yourself. Once we define what [...]

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What 100 things are you thankful for in 2023?

Every year around this time, I share this simple challenge… Take some time and write down 100 things you are thankful for. Chris Cathers and I talked about gratitude the other day on the Grit Meets Growth podcast while recording our Thanksgiving episode. Chris was particularly fired up about embracing gratitude and generosity through November [...]

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Stop Going 100 MPH in the Wrong Direction

In our fast-paced world, the desire to achieve our goals and experience personal growth often pushes us to move at breakneck speeds. We're told to go full throttle, hustle relentlessly, and chase our dreams with unrelenting determination. But what happens when that unwavering pursuit takes us 100 mph in the wrong direction? If you've ever [...]

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Play to Your Strengths and Quit Trying to Strengthen Your Weaknesses

I grew up collecting cards. Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards. As a kid, my mom would walk me to the local card shop, and I would spend hours looking at all the best cards in the glass cases. I'd spend my allowance on packs of cards, hoping to find one of my favorite players. [...]

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The Real Tick-Tock: Changing Your Relationship With Time

A few weeks ago, my twins turned seventeen. Like every other birthday, I got up early and decorated the house with streamers and balloons. Then, I made a Starbucks run, grabbed their favorite drinks, and we snuck in a quick breakfast at home before they left to go to school. When everyone was gone, and [...]

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The “Do Nothing” Challenge: Tapping Back Into Imagination

We’re all busy. Our calendars are all packed. We’re all trying to check the boxes on our to-do lists, which are ruled by tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. What needs to get done, and the most recent fire that has flared up, always takes priority. Frankly, there’s no margin time built in where we can do, [...]

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Live the Kind of Life You’d Want to Autograph

“How would someone extraordinary do this?” Over the last few months, I’ve asked myself that question in as many situations as possible. Walking past a wrapper on the floor… what would someone extraordinary do? In my marriage, how would an extraordinary partner show up? Working with clients, how can I make their experience extraordinary? How [...]

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