Every week, I end up having powerful conversations with leaders just like you that guide me to new insights, challenge my thinking, and elevate my mindset. 

Here are three highlights from the past week…

  1. Control the things you can control. There are a lot of things out there right now that you cannot control. You do get to choose how you show up, how hard you work, and how you bring energy to other people.

  2. Define what “success” means to you. We’re all going to be setting goals as we approach 2024. Knowing what “success” means to you will help you guide that process.

  3. Maximize your time. We each get 24 hours every day. Saying “yes” and “no” to things is essential to maximizing this resource. Get clear on what you need to do, what you get to do, and what other people can help you do.

BONUS: Tied to defining “success” for yourself, getting clear on your purpose matters. Your purpose in life is like a GPS, and if you understand what your purpose is, you’ll know if you’re off course or heading in the right direction. Make getting clear on your purpose a priority for 2024. It will increase your odds of arriving at the destination you choose.

Get after it!


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