Every week, I end up having powerful conversations with leaders just like you that guide me to new insights, challenge my thinking, and elevate my mindset. 

Here are three highlights from the past week…

  1. Get ruthlessly clear about what you want, and use that clarity to set up guardrails for yourself. Once we define what success looks like for ourselves, we can start taking the right actions to achieve it.
  2. When it comes to our employees, they need to add value to the company, and the company needs to add value to them as individuals. This is a both/and equation, not one or the other.
  3. Your body is an important data point. When you’re feeling run down, stressed out, or out of shape, pay attention to what the data is telling you and adjust.

BONUS: The goals you achieve, and the ones that gain traction, are usually the ones you’re most passionate about. Struggling to achieve a goal? It might be because your heart’s not all in. Ask yourself this: Do I have a burning desire to achieve this goal? If not, choose another goal.

Get after it!


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