Every week, I end up having powerful conversations with leaders just like you that guide me to new insights, challenge my thinking, and elevate my mindset. 

Here are three highlights from the past week…

  1. Awareness, Desire, Doing, and Grit. Change begins with the awareness that there’s something to change. Then, there’s the desire to make a change. It’s only when we start doing something or taking action that the change begins. Real transformation requires grit, or our ability to keep taking action when challenges arise, we get bored, or we’re not seeing immediate results.
  2. There’s a difference between playing smart and playing it safe. Playing smart means knowing we need to take risks to grow and doing it anyway with some guardrails. Playing it safe means not taking those risks at all based on fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
  3. Make room for serendipity. It can be easy to want to control all the circumstances in our lives, living in what we know. Sometimes we need to step into the unknown, releasing control and making room for serendipity to bring us something new.

BONUS:Make the effort the reward. Andrew Huberman talks about this often. If all of our focus is on the finish line, and we don’t find ways to find rewards in the journey, we’ll likely be very disappointed. Yes, the reward of crossing the finish line will be good, but it will also be fleeting. The journey, on the other hand, brings ongoing rewards if we look for them.

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